Sunday, November 4, 2012

trick or treat smell my feet!

Sorry its been so long. we have been so busy and I just got a new job. Bubbahkin has been busy as well, picking up everything from words to achieving master level in sneak mode. Halloween was a few days ago. And Bubbahkin loved it. We went trick or treating as a family with bubbahkin dressed up as a zebra. 
here she is all zebra up'ed. Every time we walked up to a door she tried to go inside like we were going to visit. We also carved pumpkins. well one anyways, the other one is still sitting on my living room floor waiting for me to do something with it. 
ok so the wife was trying to get Bubbahkin to smile by saying cheese when i snapped the picture, I promise she doesnt look like this all the time. lol

October was good to us and we are hoping the upcoming ones are too. Have a happy and safe holiday season from us to you! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Notions of the Ocean

Hey all, sorry about the wait. Life got horrifyingly hectic over the past couple months.

Anyways, I'm back, and just in time to leave you yet again.

We're going camping this labor day weekend, and we leave tomorrow. Bubbahkin left around noon today for Grayland State Park on the south central coast of this beautiful state of Washington. My parents loaded up their huge fifth-wheel and decided they would take her with them. Deciding that a couple nights of fantastic sleep would be absolutely grand, we agreed.
The momma is at work, and I'm as antsy as can be. I've waited all year to take my little girl to the beach and see what she thinks of the almighty Specific Ocean.
We took her to Ocean City last year, but at only a few months old, there wasn't really much for her to do. I have no doubt she enjoyed it, but I can't wait to see her get all kinds of dirty. If she's anything like I was, that won't take but a few minutes.

I'm definitely going to take LOADS of pictures, so if that's what you're most interested in, definitely stay tuned! =]

Until then, I'm going to have to sign off. Got a lot to do, on top of a mountain of laundry the little one left for me.

Take care, and always remember where your enchanted items are!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So my wife has been playing with the editing tools on Photobucket and has come out with some really nifty photos of our daughter.  Now before we go any further i just want to say, very seldom is my wife creative like this. Ya sure she'll talk about doing something or how she wants to decorate something or start a scrapbook but very seldom does she actually follow through with these things. Anyways, back to the pictures.

Although my wife is an amateur at this, I don't think they turned out too bad. Now she will probably start doing this to all the pictures we take.   

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't Steal My Sweet Roll

It may not have been a sweet roll but Bubbahkin did have a cupcake today. We went to a birthday party today for my wife's friend's son (my wife keeps calling him Bubbahkin's boyfriend). I was surprised today, there were three babies there (including her) and no one left with a scratch. You know how when babies get together they get all excited and start squealing and throwing arms and fists. Kinda glad my daughter isn't a khajit, those claws can be quite mean. Bubbahkin was even able to practice her shouting today. All three of the babies had a shouting duel and as much as i want to say that Bubbahkin was the strongest, unfortunately, it was the third baby at the party, man that kid had a set of lungs on him. Anyways back to the cupcake, as we were headed home from the party my wife's friend stopped us and asked us if we wanted to take a cupcake home with us. Of course my wife said yes but i don't think she realized how big of a mess it was going to make.

       This cupcake was just a normal size cupcake not like the one we used for her smash cake photos (that's a whole other story) it was chocolate cake with fluorescent orange whipped cream icing, as my daughter was handed this cupcake she squealed with sheer delight. The first thing she did was pick up the icing and proceeded to shove her face in it. Shortly after she indulged herself with the fluorescent orange icing, she decided it was a great idea to smear all the cake and whatever was left of the icing on the tray. it turned into this horrid brownish orange goo. So my daughter, being the brilliant child that she is, gets bored with this brownish orange goo on her tray and tries to eat the left over chunks at the edge of the tray with her mouth. Please don't ask me why she did this as i really haven't a clue. More than likely because she was just too lazy to pick it up with her fingers and had figured that the quickest way to ingest said chunks was straight down the gullet, no utensils required.
After my wife effectively filled my camera with pictures of our daughter and the strange brownish orange goo, she took the tray of the highchair off and stood there for a good two minutes trying to figure out how to pick up our sticky brownish orange daughter. Finally she came to the realization that her armpits were most likely the safest place. As i was sitting on the couch i saw out of the corner of my eye my wife holding my child at arms length, bee-lining towards the bathtub. After about five minutes and some squealing and splashing, my wife comes out and hands me a clean Bubbahkin as if nothing ever happened.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Words of Power

Today was an interesting day.

            We went to the University of Washington for our daughter to participate in a scientific study at the Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS for short)

            The study was interesting, I've always been attracted to medical sciences, and never really thought of having my child participate in it. When we got the letter from UW shortly after she was born, it didn't take long to make a decision. It will not only help the advancement of the understanding of learning and how the brain reacts to linguistics, but is also painless as well as a learning experience for the wife and I.

            We got to the laboratory and were greeted by one of the nice Drs that was working on the project. The test itself is about the ability for infants to distinguish between similar phonetic patterns. They hooked tiny Bubbahkin to an extraordinary hat with multiple sensors and wires of the like coming out of it. It didn't seem to bother her much (I'm assuming that iron helms are a bit more of a pain in the bum.) Keeping her busy with toys and visual displays on a tv in an enclosed environment, my wife sat with the baby and an attendant.
           They then begin playing a looped tape that to an adults ears sounds like "Da Da Da Da" which is actually a hindi phonetic sequence. Each first and third phonetic is the same and each second and fourth phonetic is different. Infants of eleven months can hear the difference. At thirteen months a mono-lingual baby begins to hear only one of the phonetics where as a bi-lingual child of the same age can still hear the difference. Both of which are gone at seventeen months, in which case they hear only the phonetic they've come to recognize through the language they are taught.

           All of it was fantastically intriguing, and Bubbahkin even managed to sit still through the entire eighteen minute session. Then she grew tiresome and required a warm stamina potion and a nap on the ride home.

I'm so proud and still completely fascinated at the study.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heads up!

I heard a joke today, made me laugh, thought I would share it. =D

Here it is,

I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital after my wife had gone into labor and the nurse walked out and said to the man sitting next to me, "Congratulations sir, you’re the new father of twins!"

The man replied, "How about that, I work for the Doublemint Chewing Gum Company." The man then followed the woman to his wife’s room.

About an hour later, the same nurse entered the waiting room and announced that Mr. Smith’s wife has just had triplets.

Mr. Smith stood up and said, "Well, how do ya like that, I work for the 3M Company."

The gentleman that was sitting next to me then got up and started to leave. When I asked him why he was leaving, he remarked, "I think I need a breath of fresh air." The man continued, "I work for 7-UP."

The Crimson Chin... Eater

Babies are tiny humans.

Tiny, strange, humans.

You know this to be true, but do you ever stop and think to yourself, "How weird is MY baby?"
How much different does my baby act in relation to other babies?

Every baby does strange things. Funny noises, they way they interact with their environments, it's all strange.

Bubbahkin and I were spending our regular morning couch time, along with mommy, and she starts biting my wife's chin.
She has feasted on human flesh before, but what an odd cut to choose.
We already enjoy gorging ourselves on calves, as well as fingers.
We laugh it off and go about our day. Not really thinking too much about it. Until it happened again, we were taking a nap and I woke up to her gnawing on my chin. Mind you she has her first 2 teeth in (on the bottom) and it's not exactly an enjoyable way to wake from a nap, you know, having your face scraped off in your sleep by a vicious dragon eating baby.

Hopefully this doesn't become too much of a habit, definitely been reinforcing that it's poor behavior but ouch!